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Grooming "Direct"

A Caring and Professional Grooming Service

Discounted Prices!

Only the Prices are Discounted, Not the Quality
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Our Philosophy

Give your pet the same attention you would yourself!
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Picture Perfect

Try and have a photo so the groomer will have a reference on how you want your dog to look

Still Have Questions?

If you still have any inquiries call us at 905-469-0404 and one of our groomers will answer any quesitons

Plan Your Appointment

Appointments will take between 45-90 minutes depending on dog size and difficulty

Pickup and Dropoff

Pet Food Direct understands you are busy, and can pick up and deliver your newly groomed dog

Basic Grooming Proccess:

Our Step by Step Proccess!

1) Hair Cut, Style, or Trim

Firstly your companion will be cut, style, or trim to your discretion. (Tip: Bring a photo!)

2) Shampoo and Conditioning

In order for your companion to look their best, they will be properly washed and cleaned to help keep their fur silky.

3) Nail Cut or Grinded Down

Your companion will have their nails cut or grinded down depending on their needs. Depending on length of quick this may be skipped if groomer does not wanna risk bleeding.

4) Ears Cleaned

Finally to help your companion hear their ears will be cleaned with ear cleaning solution.

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Our Groomers


In-House Groomer


In-House Groomer


Third-Party Groomer

Initially, started grooming at the begining of COVID, Ryan has been learning and apprenticing at Discount Doggy Grooming. By now Ryan has groomed 100s of dogs ranging from all breeds and sizes. Ryan has been grooming for Pet Food Direct for over 3 months now and is one of our best! At Pet Food Direct we can confidently say that if you recieve Ryan you will be in great and capable hands.

At first was originally a hair-dresser, Albert has switch to cutting our hairy little friends. With prior experience in cutting hair, it came natural and he has quickly become a great groomer. With experience of over 3 years, Albert is considered a expert in the game. Pet Food Direct has recently partnered up with Albert to provide him the opportunity to cut our valued customers little friends!

The veteran who helped us set up our grooming service, John is one of the best in the game. Originally opening up Discount Doggy Grooming which is still operational in Burlington to this day, John knows it all. Training all our staff and providing great tips and tricks, John is our most talented and experience groomer Pet Food Direct has to offer! Overall a great add to the Pet Food Direct family.

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