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Frequent Buyer Program

Explore our Frequent Buyer Program Both Online and In-Person

Buy 12 Get 1 free also known as our Frequent Buyer Program allows you as a customer, after buying 12 of the same bags, litter, or product to recieve that item for free. This only applies for select brands and have specifications so read ahead carefully! 


All returned bags will be deducted from your total. Trial size bags are not eligible. By participating in this program, the customer consents for their contact information and/or proof of qualifying purchases to be shared with the manufacturers of the applicable foods. Pet Food Direct reserves the right to change, alter, or discontinue a program at any time. Pet Food Direct reserves the right to exclude specific customers from the program due to special pricing arrangements, or other reasons. Bags of food purchased with company/manufacturer vouchers are not valid towards ANY frequent buyer programs

Example 1

Emily wants to redeem her bag of Farmina, she has bought 12 bags of Farmina 12KG bags. Each bag she has bought has been the same size but different flavours ranging from lamb, chicken, and boar. Regardless she is able to redeem her free bag! She is told she is only able to redeem a 12KG size bag, no larger or smaller size is allowed. After she redeems her bag the count is reset and she starts to collect her points again until she is able to redeem it again.  

Example 2
John has bought 6 bags of 12KG Fromm and 6 bags of 6KG Fromm. His overall account is not eligable for any rewards as it shows 6/12 progress for 12KG Fromm and 6/12 progress for 6KG Fromm. He then buys another 6 bags of 6KG and is only able to redeem the reward for that bag size. After redemption his 6KG reward is reset yet his 12KG reward still shows 6/12.

Brands that Offer Frequent Buyer Program (Buy 12 Get 1 Free)

Brands that Offer Frequent Buyer Program (Buy 10 Get 1 Free)

Brands that Offer Frequent Buyer Program (Buy 6 Get 1 Free)

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